2019’s Top Remodeling Trends

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Now that the leaves are getting browner and the temperature’s getting chillier, we’ve entered prime entertaining season. Between trick-or-treaters, your in-laws’ Thanksgiving visit, and holiday party guests, a countless number of people will be walking through your door in the coming months. What better time than now to think about remodeling? Check out the latest trends on giving your home a face-lift in 2019.


Smart Kitchens

Bring the world’s most innovative technologies into your home to make your kitchen work for you! Imagine a smart coffeemaker that will have your favorite brew ready for you when you wake up and automatic kitchen sink technology that lets you wash your hands without getting flour all over the faucet. Your smart kitchen can be built from the ground-up or can be implemented in your current design with the placement of a few nifty gadgets.


Metallic Fixtures

In order to make your master bathroom a welcoming spot to relax and rejuvenate, consider replacing your stainless steel fixtures with a redusting of color: copper, bronze, and gold will make the room pop. Adding a heated floor will keep your feet warm and make your bathroom feel like your own personal spa.


Energy Efficiency

What if we told you that you could upgrade your home, help save the planet, and save some money for yourself in the long run? Making the switch to an ENERGY STAR-certified washing machine or fridge can help you reduce your energy consumption by 35 percent—and that can make a difference when the monthly bills come. Besides appliances, consider putting in bamboo flooring that saves energy as well as gives your home a unique look!

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