5 Mini-Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home

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Looking to give your home a refresh, but don’t want to endure the expensive and time-consuming process of a full-blown renovation? Give your visiting in-laws and guests something new to admire with our tips:


Switch Out Your Cabinet Knobs

What if we told you that for just a few bucks, you could bring your kitchen and bathroom cabinets into the 21st century? Square-edge pulls and finely detailed, elegantly crafted knobs add a modern, refreshed touch.


Modernize Your Appliances

A brand-new appliance like an upgraded stove or energy-saving dishwasher will get you excited again about cooking and entertaining. Consider dipping your feet into the futuristic world of smart home technology, like these Smart Refrigerators or an automatic faucet.


Lighten Up

New lighting can brighten up your kitchen and bathroom and allow you to express your own personal style. Pendant Lighting just over your kitchen island can modernize the whole room without you having to rip out a thing.


Add Some Flora

Plant the seeds of elegance in your kitchen and bathroom by adding some greenery. Many houseplants, like ferns, can thrive in a bathroom’s usual humidity, and you could even switch out floral bouquets or grab some synthetic plants.


Consider Glass Shelves

Your medicine cabinet getting too crammed? Glass shelves, which are easy to do by yourself, will give you a fun place to store your various bathroom knick-knacks.

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