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Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or are just hosting guests for the holidays, it’s important to take the time to remove all of your clutter. Some spare knick-knacks lying around or a pile of stuff may seem commonplace to you but will certainly put off your visitors, or worse, a potential buyer. Here’s some tips for decluttering your place:


Start Big

Tackle first the thing you’re dreading most. If you have a large amount of antique furniture that you don’t use but can’t bear to part with, set up a time to put it in storage. If you’re dreading the idea of going through the huge closet full of your kids’ outdated toys and LEGO sets, take a deep breath and face the beast head-on. After you’ve finally conquered your clutter, you’ll feel amazing and extra-motivated to do more!


Don’t Cut Corners

Don’t think that you can stuff all of your extraneous items into your closet with the hopes that nobody will find it. A potential buyer will absolutely want to look inside your closets to see how much space you have to offer, and he or she will not be thrilled to see it filled to the brim. Don’t let a lot of clutter gather on your bookshelves or desk either. Do the work of sorting through your stuff and deciding what you can part with, and everyone will be happy.


Find the Best Home for Your Items

Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of a large amount of your stuff—it certainly doesn’t need to go straight into the dumpster. See if you can sell any of your own furniture, art, or toys on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Or even better: with the holiday season in full swing, consider donating your former valuables to a family in need!

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