Tips For Preparing For Your Open House

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tips for preparing for an open house

Successful Showings and Open Houses

When you plan open house appointments, it allows you time to prepare, but there are times when you won’t have the luxury of advanced notice and your property needs to look the best that it can to entice the motivated buyer.  Remember, every time you leave your home, you need to make sure it is ready for an unexpected showing…here’s how.

General Preparation 

When preparing your home, think about the interior decorating ideas used to show builders’ model homes and how you would be wowed if you were the potential buyer. 

Remember the pointers from “First Impressions” checklist, especially regarding cleanliness, clutter and repairs – interior and exterior.

Open drapes and light lamps including those in closets, basement or attic – creating as light, cheerful and calm environment as possible. 

Make the potential buyer feel welcome by filling candy dishes and putting out fresh flowers.


Make the beds; put away clothes and toys.

Turn the blinds so slats are uniformly open and don’t forget to put on light if room is dark 


Put out a clean hand towel, fresh soap and clean soap dish, and make sure there is a full box of tissues.

Put toilet lid down.

Potpourri dish can provide a nice sight and scent.


Put away all dishes and discreetly conceal countertop articles.

Simmer a few drops of vanilla on stove for a relaxing fragrance.

Dining Room

Arrange inviting centerpiece and turn on the lights/chandelier

Consider setting the table with fine china and linen.