5 Tips To Help Sell Your Home

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5 Tips to Help Sell Your Home


Choose the Right Realtor

While it might be tempting to undergo the selling process yourself, having an expert realtor on your team will make all the difference. A Realtor has the ability to market your home on the best and most relevant websites in your area. For instance, Middle Tennessee Realtors use Realtracs to feature listings therefore the majority of buyers use Realtracs to find their next home. Unless you’re using a licensed Realtor, you will not be able to list your house on Realtracs. In addition to marketing, your Realtor will make sure you are listing your home at a competitive price, handle all the documents to ensure a legal transaction, and walk you through all the necessary steps to a smooth closing.



Understanding the market conditions in your area is paramount. Figure out if it’s currently a buyer’s or seller’s market and what time of year is best in order to maximize your chances of success. Speaking with a knowledgeable Realtor is key to understanding your market conditions but traditionally, Summer is a great time to List.


Clean and Declutter

Now it’s time to showcase your home to potential buyers. Do a deep cleaning until all your surfaces sparkle and use this occasion as a golden opportunity to get rid of all the clutter. A potential buyer would be less than thrilled to open your closet door only to get buried under a pile of tumbling clothes and linens… Decluttering 101


Curb Appeal

Never underestimate the value of a great first impression. Make your yard stand out to your future buyer by planting colorful flowers and having a freshly cut lawn. If you have any outdoor maintenance projects you’ve been putting off, now would be a great time to check it off your list.


Ensure a Clean Close

Congratulations! You just found a buyer who loves your home! We’re all done, right? Not so fast. A buyer can walk away if a home inspection turns out unfavorably or if an appraisal comes back low. Be sure to have a plan in the event of a worst-case scenario.  Having a reputable Realtor can help get you through situations and inform you of your options. After all, you haven’t SOLD until they’ve signed the dotted line.




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5 Steps to sell your home fast

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