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Now that a new year (and a new decade!) is upon us, this might be the perfect time to make some much-needed upgrades to your home. And where better to start than with your floors? Here’s an overview of the various types of flooring you can consider as well as the benefits of each.



This classic floor style is currently the most popular for kitchens, but many have hardwood floors throughout their homes. Hardwood floors are easier to clean, easier on your feet (crucial if you plan to spend lots of time cooking or entertaining) and less expensive when you take into account the cost of labor and flooring together. Additionally, hardwood floors are usually warmer on your feet, since tile flooring can draw heat away and thus feel colder.



Tile flooring offers a multitude of benefits as well. Tile is waterproof, a plus if you or members of your family are clumsier. Tile flooring also won’t scratch, and its many design possibilities allow you to let your artistic side show. However, this type of flooring can crack due to poor installation, and the grout will eventually get dirty and start to chip away.


Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring is distinct from standard vinyl in that it can seamlessly take on the look of natural materials such as wood or stone. Though you can expect to pay much more for this type of flooring, you’ll get in return thicker wear layer, scratch resistance and durability, and moisture resistance. As an added bonus, luxury vinyl doesn’t require any varnishing, sealing, or waxing.

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